under the same sun
project. since 2017.
in collaboration with Dico Kruijsse

As the earth moves around the sun, the sum of shifting light conditions changes the way we experience a place. To capture this experience, to catch light in space, we make use of a light sensitive process called cyanotype.
In 1842 English scientist Sir John Herschel (1792-1871) discovered the cyanotype process. Non-toxic and iron based it develops in light the pigment Prussian Blue. Depending on the spectral composition of the sunlight, different intensities of the colour are obtained. Exposure times vary from minutes to days and enable to record the suns movement in space. In Herschel’s time the cyanotype process found little to no application in the field of art and photography. Herschel himself had no interest in making pictures. Instead he was interested in the light-sensitive process itself and used it to study properties of light and chemicals. In the 1880s however architecture discovered the process to form the first blue copies of ground and elevation plans.
As a blueprint, the cyanotype was simply a medium of reproduction. under the same sun focuses on its trans-disciplinary nature as a tool to study light and as a medium to visualize architectural spaces. To do so, the blueprint is material and method. The building itself functions here as the tool, as the ‘dark chamber’, in which the light-sensitive surface is exposed to light. The blueprints developed by the building are camera-less photograms in scale 1:1 including the immediate vicinity via shadowing structures and reflecting windows.

(05-09 2019)
a collective blueprint.
Het Niewe Instituut. Rotterdam. NL

with participation of
Marijke Appelman, Martijn Konings, Zhou Junsheng, Liu Chao-tze, Annick van Santen, Paul Peeters, Marie-Antoinette van der Gaag, Alexandra Shilova, Eelco Roelsma, Juul Barnard, Alexander Pachkov, Bogdan Grushin, Lea Alapini, Ariane Trümper, Jean van Wijk, Sina Hensel, Ellen Smit, Lucy Draai, Marco Apereti, David Wills, Marilotte van Lent. (images by Zhou Junsheng, Dico Kruijsse and Carolin Lange)

(04 2019)
second round. art-in-architecture competition.
concept: ‚binar-blau‘ (version b).cyanotype wall-painting.
Gebäude 200. General Fellgiebel Kaserne Pöcking.

(05 2019)
sluizhuis. Parksluizen complex scale 1:1. Neue Denkerei. Kassel. DE
curated by Raamwerk.

(02-04 2018)
sluizhuis. Parksluizen complex scale 1:1. Gallery Lecq Rotterdam NL
curated by Marijke Appelman

(06-12 2017)
second prize. art-in-architecture competition.
concept: ‘lichtpause’. cyanotype in wall developed in situ.
Humboldt Forum Berlin DE.
(copyrights: Humboldt Forum Berlin)