green lost its shade of home
installation in public space. 2016.
coloured acetate sheet. text.

(10 15 - 03 16)
green lost its shade of home
Kunstvitrinen Aachen DE

Good to wake up early.   Although I first do not know what to do with myself at this time of the day.
I could have a shower, do my hair, teeth, change clothes, all that. Then make breakfast and eat, make coffee and drink some. I could turn on the laptop, check mails and news.
But it is 7 am.
I slept in my clothes of today. I brush my teeth and get a glass of water. I am not

hungry. There are no mails to check at 7 am. I have not enough patience to brows for news and entertainment.
I get my glass of water and walk to the window.
It will be a nice day.
I feel like going outside. What to do at this time of the day. 7.15 am. and I do not need anything. I slept enough. No needs, no longings. I become aware of the pause between breathing in and out. I leave the house and sit on a stone outside in the garden. With my eyes closed, I catch the first rays of sunlight. Looking inside the house, I glance traces of movement on the ground floor.
My grandmother.
I watch her getting up her bed, slowly going to the kitchen, making coffee and toast with marmalade. She still wears her pajamas. She gets the newspaper from the mailbox. Carries the toast on a plate to the table and places herself. She carefully eats her toast while browsing through the newspaper. Finished with the toast, she gets up, takes her plate to the kitchen to do the dishes. Back in the bedroom, she makes her bed. Through the tilted window I can hear her in the bathroom, brushing teeth, washing face and body, going to the toilet. Without hearing I know she is in cleaning the surface of the basin.
I catch sight of her again.
She sits on a chair next to her bed and gets dressed. While walking to the telephone, she notices me standing in the garden pretending to look at some flowers.
Not very well executed, I am surprised to see her. As I step into her apartment, I notice my hands being numbs from the cold, still holding my glass of water.
She was in calling me. I promised her to clean her flat today. She sits down and starts talking about the upcoming week. A weekend trip with her daughters, a high school reunion, a concert of the choir performing at the first festivities of spring.
If all of this would be already over, she says. There is a time in life, you do not want to do anything at all anymore. She pauses for a minute. Her eyes are empty. Todays image of her is different that the one I have in my head. A ray of sunlight is falling on her face.
She wears make-up. Her eyebrows and lips are highlighted. She looks at me again and for a second I am surprised by it. I forgot what I wanted to do with this day.