carolin lange

forest architects
project (work-in-progress). black forest region, DE

The project makes use the photographic process of the cyanotype with reference to its origin as a scientific tool to measure sunlight and its feature to function as a chemical indicator. Sunlight develops the pigment Prussian blue. But also other materials like stone, sand, wood react with the process in permanent colour changes during the exposure. In doing so, not just light, but the location itself leaves traces on the final recording. Developing a cyanotype on location in a photogrammetric manner, means to employ the spacial and temporal relations in scale 1:1. Memos during the recording share moments of contact and touch, belonging and alienation.The documentation of recording sessions in the forest are captured using film-based and digital (UV)photography.

(05-06 2017)
conditions architect
Gallerie Pamme Vogelsang, Cologne DE

In theory, I was going to the black forest, regarding the conditions of light and spatial relations.Two areas were compared with each other:
the cultivated forest and the natural reserve introduced in 2014.

In practice, I came home to the area of my childhood. Instead of working alone, I was in collaboration with my father forming tasks and terms with no good reason.